Planetary Service of EarthServer

PlanetServer is a Service component of the EC-funded EarthServer-2 project (#654367) aimed at serving and analyzing planetary data online, mainly through OGC Web Coverage Processing Service (WCPS). The focus of PlanetServer is on complex data, particularly hyperspectral imaging and topographic ones. Data from Mars, the Moon and other Solar System Bodies will be available and queriable. Ingested datasets derive from NASA Planetary Data System (PDS) and ESA Planetary Science Archive (PSA). User interest and community feedback served as input and driver to PlanetServer features and capabilities. Moreover, PlanetServer aims at supportng collaborative data analysis, being able to share planetary data hosted on a database server and querying them from a web client through any supported web browser (Chrome is advised). Please find below all relevant project-wide and service-wide URLs.

PlanetServer new 3D Nasa WorldWind-powered client is going to be soon available. Meanwhile, you can reach the existing EarthServer-1 client

EarthServer Project:

Project-wide information is provided below. EarthServer targets Earth Science domains through a Big Data Analytics approach, based on the open standards of OGC and W3C.


Official web page of the EarthServer initiative. EarthServer is establishing open access and ad-hoc analytics on extreme-size Earth Science data, based on and extending leading-edge Array Database technology.


Several Lighthouse Applications are being established in EarthServer, each of which poses distinct challenges on Earth Data Analytics.

Planetary Service:

Service-wide information is provided here. PlanetServer targets Planetary Science data and community. Online data discovery and analysis is provided through its web services/clients.

PlanetServer ES-1 Client

The oritinal web client (webGUI). For details, see the Publications listed on the PlanetServer blog. Its code is available on our GitHub repository.


EarthServer Webinars

Updates, tutorials and data analysis walkthroughs are going to be available on the Webinar page of EarthServer


Client code, intestion and utility scripts are provided in a specific repository.

Discussion Group

A group of users, including developers and partners, power users of PlanetServer and EarthServer is available as Google Group.

Social Media:


Twitter account for EarthServer


The main point of contact is Dr. Angelo Pio Rossi, Service Lead and EarhtServer Coordinator.